Heating and Cooling Maintenance



Preventative Maintenance

To complement our emergency service and repair business, our company began an earnest push into the “maintenance” side of the market. We began this fundamental change in our approach to expand our HVAC services, first with residential maintenance agreements and following with commercial maintenance agreements.

Since embracing maintenance agreements, we have represented to our customers that the value in maintaining your HVAC equipment as being:

  1. lower utility costs due to more efficient operation
  2. less breakdowns during the hottest or coldest times of the year
  3. less stress on the equipment which should result in fewer breakdown’s all together.

This “claim” was logical from a mechanical standpoint, but has proven itself thru a fundamental change in our business since that time. We find that although our business has grown multi-fold; during extreme weather when we used to experience our largest amount of emergency calls, the spike from emergency service has disappeared from our business. Yes, the summer and deep winter months are busier, but not like they used to be. We attribute this change in our business to the fact that our maintenance customers, which make up the bulk of our regular service customers, just do not have the mid summer breakdowns they used to have when their equipment was not maintained regularly. Although maintenance agreement customers commit to upfront cost to maintain their HVAC system, most times their total cost (including repair cost) is lower! In addition they enjoy the benefits of lower utility costs and far less “peak season” down time!

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