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Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Prairieville, LA

Do You Need Your Air Conditioning System Repaired?

Residents of Prairieville, Louisiana who are reading this have realized already that living in a warm, humid climate with your home's air conditioner not functioning efficiently can be quite uncomfortable. The odds are that you are here searching for someone to take care of your air conditioner repair. Prairieville is lucky to be home to the skilled refrigeration repair specialists of Jeffco Heating & Air Conditioning, and we are the caliber of people you want repairing your broken air conditioner. So you have made the right decision to turn to us for help in the case of an air conditioner breakdown emergency.

Let Jeffco Take Care of the Repair Work for You

Please take heed that it is highly inadvisable for householders to try to attempt their own air conditioner repair. There has been several incidents in the past few years of folks electrocuting themselves by tampering with household appliances. Air conditioners, like all appliances, run off high-voltage electricity and therefore require work from someone who is licensed. You should call Jeffco as soon as your air conditioner starts to go on the fritz. It could be that it is making a noise or taking too long to cool the room down. Or maybe the control remote/panel control is not working correctly. (Side Note: always check the thermostat battery before contacting a technician.) There could be further possible signs that you require an air conditioner repair. Jeffco employees also know that an over-active air conditioner, which can freeze the room, is also not optimal. at times air conditioning units trip the breaker, and sometimes they blow out dust. Often the motor runs and the fan is turning but it's still not producing cold air.

Jeffco Knows What to do in Any Repair Situation

Air conditioners are a type of refrigerator, and that is why you need to contact Jeffco right away. We are the refrigeration experts! Which qualifies us to make short work of repairing your unit. The main differences between a refrigerator and an air conditioner are that a refrigerator has to cool only the area inside a small section Whereas an air conditioner cools a large space (a room or even a series of rooms). Also a split unit can reverse the process and force warm air into a room when programmed to do so.

Jeffco knows that any repair and replacement job for air conditioning is a stressful situation for you and your family and we would like to be able to take the weight off of you and get you back to a life you deserve where you're comfortable, not only in your home, but in your mind and pocketbook too.

Air Conditioning Replacement Prairieville, LA

Air conditioning replacement is one job that can make a significant change in the overall comfort of your home. At the flip of a switch, regardless of what it is like outside, you’ll be equipped to relax indoors at whatever temperature you desire. Air conditioning replacement is likely to add value to your home, and even save you extra dollars on energy bills if it is replacing several window units. If you’re thinking of having air conditioning replaced, there are a few things to assess before you begin the project if you wish to get the most for your money.

Existing or New A/C Systems

Knowing your plans for A/C replacement will help your Jeffco give you a more precise estimate. For example, if you are installing a new heat pump or condenser into an existing system, odds are you will want to use the same brand as the existing system. Completely replacing your model or brand will sometimes call for tearing it out completely and having it disposed of, which could potentially cost more to you. But Jeffco considers that too and has your back.

Air Conditioning Replacement for Remodels

Letting Jeffco know what the situation is like prior to us showing up will give us a better idea of what we'll be faced with. Providing this information will assist us to better size up the type of air conditioning replacement that best suits your home, and allow Jeffco to give you a better estimate. If replacing A/C is a portion of a larger remodeling project, you possibly could save money depending on when the new system is put in installed.

Air Conditioning Installation to Replace an Aged and Failing System

Jeffco knows that air conditioners have become increasingly more energy efficient in the last decade. If your system’s cooling ability has diminished significantly since it was first installed, you may want to contemplate having it completely replaced. If we're tying into an existing system, the older system’s age will help establish its compatibility with the newer system we will use.

Either way, Jeffco always has your back if you are needing your air conditioning replaced for your family's home. We will be there in a short amount of time to help you maintain comfort for years to come.



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