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I went to South Louisiana Vocational Technical Institution for climate control in 1982-1984. Graduated as an honor student. First instructor was Mr. Dan Breaux who worked for Rouses supermarkets, in Houma, LA., taking care of all there Electrical & Refrigeration needs. Then Mr. James Naquin came in from working offshore to teach us. He was known as "Chief", he was the Chief of the Thibodaux Fire Department. Then their was Mr. Garrett in Associates Studies which was like a Library of all related studies that we needed, it was where we took test & read lots of material. It was definitely a very hard class. It was very Technical. The ones that was fortunate enough to graduate had a hard time getting a break because the A/C industry required experienced. Very few that graduated with me continued in the A/C business. I worked in the Oil Field as a Roust About until I got a break with North American Ship Building as a Marine Electrician. North American was a very good company to work for. Over a year later, I ran into Frank Miller an old friend from the neighborhood who had started a business he called Miller's Electrical Maintenance & he had plenty work & needed help. I started sub-contracting through him for Petrol Marine, Montco, Christie Industries, International Seafood Traders, Sea-Tang Seafood Industries and many others doing the refrigeration side of the business. That was good for awhile until I became an independent Contractor & I named it Michel's A/C & Electrical" Don't Lose Your Cool". I ran up & down all the bayous of South Louisiana, flew offshore out of Port Fourchon to work on the rigs, jack up barges, tug boats & what not. That was a good thing until it slowed up in the Oil Field & decided to go back to Garyville, La. on the river where I was born & raise until 1972 when we went to Houma with my Dad working for Pennzoil as Production Superintendent. So, I figure with the plants on the river that work would be more stable. From there I went to work for Michel's Electrical & Mechanical Contractors which is my first cousin Mark Michel. We worked in the plants, maintaining their equipment & also doing commercial & residential. After a year, I went back on my own and changed my Name to Jeffco as Jerry Danos at Christie Industries used to call my name at the ship yard. It was a name that stuck. I worked Laplace, Hammond, Gonzales & Livingston area in 1997 then we moved here to Livingston in 1999 which I call " God's Country" primarily conservative christian people with a lot of dogs and hunting just as I did my whole life. Since 2010 we quit advertising in Laplace and ventured more in East Baton Rouge & the North Shore, covering Ascension, Livingston & Tangipahoa but have worked in Lafayette, Grand Isle, Jaskson, Ms. and many other places & have met so many people over the years. Today in 2012 we are doing central A/C & Heating with Commercial Refrigeration ,Commercial Electrical & Plumbing repairs with a La. State License Mechanical #33078. I have done A/C & Refrigeration, Electrical & Plumbing as a small child with my Daddy & Uncles who done Electrical & Refrigeration on the side. It was in my blood as a young child to do this with many family members who became E & I in the plants & Independent Contractors.

Dogs, Horses , Chickens & all types of farm animals, A/C, Heat, Refrigeration , Plumbing & Electrical is what I have known as a Child. That is also what helped me move from offshore. I felt more comfortable on land running Beagles & working then I did offshore fishing & working. As a child I went to a Christian School in Houma called " Grace Christian" & graduated from H.L.Bougeouis in 1980. I went into the Marines on my 18 birthday then immediately to community college. In the Process, I can see God working in my life since I received Him into my life in 1982 in Houma, La.. Well to skip a few years, Lisa & I moved to Chauvin in 1995 just before Hurricane Andrew. We started going to Word of Life Church on Bayouside Dr.. Pastors Dwayne & Rachel Bland also a old neighborhood friend of the family with his Mama & my Mama in Bible Studies together. Pastor Dwayne is now Thidodeaux Community Church. He went from Deep south Terrebonne Parish to North Lafourche Parish. So when we moved from Chauvin, La. to Garyville, La. which is St. John the Bapist Parish we started going to Jesse Duplanitis's Church in Destrahan, La. He ignited a new fire in us to be about the Father's business & that launched our ministry to go to nursing homes & other places. We played music & just enjoyed the fellowship with people.We even took a miniature donkey to Golden Age Nursing Home in Denham Springs & also took it to Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge for Easter.That little sicilian donkey was well loved. Then when we came to Livingston in 1999 we went to Freedom Worship Center and had some great Bible teaching @ Brother Earl & Sister Tottie McDonald, Sister Evelyn Ackerman, Pastor Bud Plake. Then @ Untied Prayer Center Brother & Sister Delmas Taylor. Since 2000, we been at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge with Pastor Larry Stockstill & Now Pastor Johnathon Stockstill & our spiritual mentors/best friends Brother Fred & Sister Brenda Mack. It's been a wonderful journey to watch ourselves grow in the things of God.


By: Lisa Michel

I am "NOT"a Technician BUT.... I am married to a A/C business owner/Technician. I Put together a list of simple tips that end up saving you $$$$$.

TIP 1:

Summer has arrived and A/C units are working overtime. As a homeowner the responsibility of having your A/C system serviced and maintained is an important factor in assuring the longevity of that system and in keeping your home cool when the summer temps sizzle. A well maintained air conditioner will fail less frequently and will use less power and save you money. Be sure to have you’re A/C system serviced no less than once a year, and in high dust areas a more frequent A/C servicing may be required. Change your filter every month and make sure it fits tightly in the filter frame. If filters don’t fit tightly then apply foam tape that can be found at local hardware store to the inside of the frame to assure a snug fit and to prevent dust and dirt from bypassing A/C Repairs can be expensive. Air Conditioning units are machines and machines have a definite life expectancy. Wear and tear from operation under adverse conditions such as high ambient temperatures, dirty power supply, and transient voltage spikes from lightning storms and power company equipment failures can dramatically shorten the life of you’re A/C unit.

TIP 2:

Running your A/C while low refrigerant or running with extreme dirty condensing coils is the #1 cause of part failure.

TIP 3:

A/C is low on Refrigerant if you feel low airflow coming from registers, Ice building up on copper lines from a/c to indoor coil (or) house takes longer than normal to cool off.

TIP 4:

Freon overcharged can cause compressor failure. Time and time again we hear of people having a friend put freon in their unit but ends up over charging the unit causing damage to compressor.

TIP 5:

If you have your A/C hooked up to an generator for hurricane season you "MUST" have a start assist kit properly installed and if your unit is causing your lights to dim or a unit that is over 5 years of age should have a start assist kit.

TIP 6:

Thermostats are known to burn up during power surges. The new digital thermostats now come with a internal time delay relay which will protect it during surges and has a 1 year warranty.

TIP 7:

With every condensing unit we replace we add a time delay relay, a start assist kit, and if you had a compressor burn out we add a suction dryer to clean any acid backed up into the lines. Proper installation is primary to the life of the unit.

TIP 8:

You should change your A/C filters every month. A good way to remember is when you pay your electricity, change your filter. Even if the filter packaging say's, "Good for 90 days or 6 months" ... not true.

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